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Déjà moo – Der Notfall

O desenho animado “Déjà moo – Der Notfall” foi escrito, dirigido e produzido por Stefan Mueller.

SINOPSE: Poderia até ter sido um sábado agradável, se não fosse o caos instaurado por uma vaca louca, uma mãe histérica e dois homens numa ambulância: ...

FINANCIAMENTO: Hessische Filmfoerderung, HR-Filmfoerderung, Filmstiftung NRW, DEFA, FFA, BKM

PRÊMIOS: O filme ganhou 12 prêmios, incluindo 2 troféus no festival de animação Anima Mundi e no festival mais importante de animação na Alemanha Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film.

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The German Film and Media Evaluation Organization (FBW)

assigns the honor:



Animation-film: Déjà-moo ~ Der Notfall / Directed, written and produced by Stefan Mueller


Jury Statement:

Right in the first moments the spectator gets perfectly attuned to a furious ride of Paul and his brother who came from a “Prussian” metropolis called Berlin to the Bavarian countryside. Subsequently follows Gag by Gag, which is served to the audience with great ingenuity and without redundancy. Humor the hard way , slapstick at its best, is offered here with virtuosity.
From scene to scene, narrative style, design and animation is changed, and at the same time in the appropriate rhythm also the sound and music of the film. Despite the diversity of the different sequences, the plot appears as a closed and artful unit. Ultimately, a narrative style of a special kind, not as a copy of the familiar, but at the same time with inference to the creator. “Déjà-moo / Der Notfall” is a rousing Rock’n Roll short film from and with the filmmaker Stefan Mueller.
The collision with a window at the origin of the film is only the start of a series of mishaps and confusions, which are inspired by classic comedies. This realises also Paul, who has no more calmly minute, beginning from this moment. First he and his brother are kicked out of a disco, then out of a bar, after which he almost is knocked over by two thugs and eventually a mad cow falls in love with him.

A good comedy needs a secure timing. Especially when it is working with slapstick and screwball moments. “Déjà-moo / Der Notfall” from director Stefan Mueller fulfills these rules beyond all measure. His animation film about Paul’s adventures is a pleasurable homage to classics such as “What’s Up Doc?” and comedies of the silent era. At breakneck speed new ideas are processed frequently, moreover each sequence got their appropriate and unique look. Once everything is candy-bright, then the image twitches, subsequently the animations revive the impression of old film-footage. Mueller plays with the clichés of his heroes and paradigms, but without imitating. At the end he leads all the individual story lines together, clarifies any misunderstanding and leaves no questions unanswered. In return not one animated stone rests on another. A happy spirited short-film, where one can still discover a lot unseen details even after watching the film several times.

Déjà-moo – Der Notfall

Déjà-moo – Der Notfall

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